There are lots of ways to be a part of HOPE!

Thank you for your interest. Our volunteers are dedicated to peer-led-support in the tradition of the On Our Own movement. By joining our volunteer community you can meet people who share your interests in mental health and wellbeing as well as a commitment to living clean and sober. Volunteers are eligible to participate in HOPE sponsored activities, including; groups, trainings, trips, conferences & special events.

Volunteers may assist with many aspects of HOPE, including; helping our staff maintain the center, prep for activities and special events, great visitors, share program information, and even share their story with others. If you volunteer with HOPE, we place a tremendous amount of trust in you that you will reflect HOPE’s values, where all are welcome and treated with compassion and respect.

We expect that all volunteers are also members of HOPE. (A member is someone who has completed our membership form. There is no charge to become a member.) When you are the face of HOPE then its difficult to encourage others to participate if you haven’t taken the step to become a member. Our best volunteers are often our best advocates!

Volunteers are required to participate in an orientation prior to starting. This includes reviewing a code of conduct, center rules, scope of responsibilities, and creating a schedule that meets the volunteer’s and HOPE’s availability. In an effort to make each participant’s experience meaningful, the number of volunteer positions is limited.

If a volunteer is working toward their certification for the Peer Recovery Specialist designation, then supervision may be available on site.

*Please note that volunteers need to be at least 16 years of age.

If you are an individual interested in volunteering, then please provide the following information.

Other ways to become involved:

If you are interested in an internship, service learning project, or community group volunteer experience, then please contact our office for further information.

If you have a special talent that you would be interested in offering, then please contact us. Examples have included a poetry workshop, yoga instruction, gardening, icecream social, donation of meals, instruments for healing, and even hair cuts.